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We Won Awards!

09 Apr 2014


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We are thrilled to announce that we recently won four (that’s right, four!) packaging design awards from Graphic Design USA magazine! We spiritedly entered several product packaging designs to their American Package Design Award competition and couldn’t have been more excited when we heard word that we were selected! Please help me congratulate our amazing staff and interns on a job very well done! Cheers to all!

Thank you to Graphic Design USA and Neenah Paper!



And the winners are …

The Katherine Collection Planter Set
Art Director: Jonathan Osborne
Designer: Julia Palomaki
Illustrator: Julia Palomaki
Photographer: John McKinnon

Katherine Packaging Front LO 3

The Carolina Collection Table
Art Director: Jonathan Osborne
Designer: Julia Palomaki
Illustrator: Lindsay Williams
Photographer: John McKinnon

Carolina Packaging STUDIO LO 4The Erica Collection Garden Critters
Art Director: Julia Palomaki
Designer: Lindsay Williams
Illustrator: Lindsay Williams
Photographer: John McKinnon

Erica Packaging Front LOErica Pacakging Back LOThe Savannah Paisley Kitchen Collection
Art Director: Jonathan Osborne
Designer: Angela Rojas
Illustrator: Angela Rojas
Photographer: John McKinnon

Paisley Gift PEACH LOW

Catching up with Lauryn Reiners

11 Mar 2014


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Lauryn Reiners was a Spring 2013 intern who took her creativity well outside the box during her internship. When given a design brief to create a bag, she literally let the good times roll and surprised us with what we now call The Lauryn Collection Board Games.


WCS: Where are you from?
LR: I grew up just outside Bloomington, Illinois surrounded by corn fields and wind turbines.

WCS: Why did you choose to go to SCAD?
LR: I first came on a volleyball recruiting visit and fell in love with SCAD. I had never planned on going to school more than a few hours away from home, let alone fourteen, but SCAD turned out to be the perfect combination of things I was passionate about – art and volleyball. I started out as a graphic design major, and then discovered fibers after visiting the fibers department’s annual Open Studio. I ended up graduating with my B.F.A in Fibers and a minor in graphic design. They seemed to be the perfect complements – I loved the typographic and print design aspects of graphic design, but I also wanted to work hands on with with more textural materials. My final portfolio combined graphic patterns on a variety of surfaces. I experimented with processes such as weaving and screen printing to create designs for stationery and home goods.

WCS: What inspired you to make your collection of board games?
LR: I am a board game fanatic. When we were asked to design a collection of items that would be an “impulse buy,” games immediately came to mind. They’re perfect for all ages and you can never have too many. Even better, by screen printing them they become super easy to store, easy to carry, and they had that unique twist Working Class Studio is known for.

WCS: What have you learned about the design process as a result of working on this collection?
LR: I learned a lot about researching target markets and the manufacturing process as a result of being an intern with Working Class Studio. It took my focus away from designing just for me, and challenged me to think outside the box to create a product that a wide variety of people would like and also could be produced easily and for a price that people would be willing to pay.


WCS: What designers or design studios inspire you?
LR: I look to many different design blogs and websites for inspiration. I love the typography and hand-lettering of Jessica Hische; the imagery from the blog and Pinterest pages of Griottes; the cute and quirky prints of Aimee Wilder; Ink and Spindle’s screen printed textiles, and the bold carpets of Shaw Contract Group.

WCS: What are your future plans?
LR: I’m currently working in north Georgia as a designer for Shaw Industries designing custom carpet for hospitality.

WCS: What advice do you have for aspiring designer/entrepreneurs?
LR: It sounds cliché, but do what you love and are passionate about. Use college as an opportunity to discover and develop your own style, but apply for internships to prepare you for working in the industry. It was school that helped push my creativity to the limit, but it was my participation in internships with Shaw and Working Class Studio that helped me understand the additional challenges in designing for specific target markets and creating products that are fresh and new – but can also be realistically produced and sold.

Lauryn Reiners_02

Thank you, Lauryn, for taking the time to catch up with the studio!


Catching up with Alejandra Dunphy

AlejandraCollection_LO_1Boy have we been busy with Alejandra Dunphy (B.F.A., interior design, SCAD) these past few months! Alejandra is the designer behind a hand woven rug and pillows collection launching this Spring, which just happens to be a first for Working Class Studio! These hand woven rugs and crewel embroidered pillows bring a sophisticated style to any decor. We sat down with Alejandra to get all the details on how this collection was brought to life.

WCS: Where are you from?

AD: I grew up in Peru.


WCS: Why did you choose to go to SCAD?

AD: I heard about SCAD while I was attending high school in North Carolina. I visited SCAD and fell in love with the college curriculum, historic downtown, buildings, scenery and the weather.


WCS:When did you know you wanted to design home decor and accessories?

AD: I worked for architectural and design firms in Atlanta designing hotels and convention centers. Custom carpet design is key to these facilities. I was challenged to design patterns with a strong theme to almost tell a story and to give a sense of scale to large spaces and corridors. This is where my love for carpet, rug and textile design started. Five years ago I started my design studio AD| Studio in Atlanta specializing in interior design and product design.


WCS: What inspired you to make your collection?

AD: A few years ago I ventured on a collaboration with Peruvian artisans doing a sustainable line of home decor accessories using ancient weaving practices such as a hand-loom, natural dyes and fibers. The goal was to combine new innovative designs with sustainable methods of weaving. This collection is inspired by the Bauhaus movement portraying intersecting shapes, geometrical and abstracted patterns. I looked at work by Bauhaus textile designers from the 1920’s; Anni Albers and Gunta Stolzl. I was intrigued by their use of shapes and color to enhance and differentiate geometrical shapes. The result is a clean line and timeless collection that works for both modern and traditional interiors.

AlejandraDunphy copy

WCS: What have you learned about the design process as a result of working on this collection?

AD: Having a strong concept is the key to a successful product or collection.


WCS: What designers or design studios inspire you?

AD: I admire the work by Ray and Charles Eames, Eileen Gray, and Eero Saarinen.


WCS: What are your future plans?

AD: I would like to continue to work on collaborations and licensing my designs to the carpet, textile and furniture industry, both residential and commercial markets.


Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

10 Feb 2014


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Join us this Valentine’s Day in finding perfect pairs. Post a photo of your favorite perfect pairing for a chance to win both the bacon and eggs gift sets from our Bacon ‘n’ Eggs collection. Gift sets include an apron, oven mitt, pot holder, and two tea towels (and you get all that in BOTH prints)!

Tag #wcsperfectpair to be eligible. Winner will be announced Valentine’s Day.

*Subject matter must be appropriate pairs of two or more items.


Seeking Interns!

28 Jan 2014


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It’s that time again! Working Class Studio is now seeking intern applications for Spring and Summer 2014 quarters! See the poster below for more information…we hope to hear from you soon! Deadline is February 17th!Spring_Summer_InternPoster


Catching up with Eda Sy

28 Jan 2014


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Eda Sy (B.F.A., graphic design, SCAD) was truly inspired during her internship at Working Class Studio. She is the designer behind three new collections debuting this Spring 2014; the Eda Collection of woven pillows and rug, the Little Red Riding Hood paper placemats, and the Three Little Pigs paper placemats pads. We chatted with the former intern to learn more about her inspiration and future plans.


EdaSy_croppedWCS: Where are you from?

ES: I was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. Growing up in this country has exposed me to a lot of different things. After all, Manila is a melting pot of mostly Spanish, American and Chinese influences and cultures. I guess that makes it unique. Despite the daily hustle and bustle, it is still as vibrant as any other city. Everyone and every corner has its own story waiting to be told, that are as equally inspiring as others.


WCS: Why did you choose to go to SCAD?

ES: I chose to go to SCAD for my B.F.A. degree in Graphic Design because I wanted a good American design education without being far from home. Knowing that SCAD opened a campus in Hong Kong, and all the opportunities it could offer to me as an aspiring designer, I didn’t hesitate to make the move and apply.


WCS: When did you know you wanted to design home decor and accessories?

ES: I knew I wanted to design home decor/accessories when I began falling in love with pattern design. I found it pretty amazing to visualize my designs on different surfaces; may it be paper or fabric.


WCS: What have you learned about the design process as a result of working on these collections?

ES: That designs come out better and more interesting when it has a story to tell.


WCS: What designers or design studios inspire you?

ES: I love the works of Sanna Annukka, Mike Perrry and Marimekko.


WCS: What are your future plans?

ES: Currently, I am in the process of starting my own paper goods line in Manila, called The Lunchbreak Project. But eventually, I am hoping to be able to have my own design studio.


WCS: What advice do you have for aspiring designer/entrepreneurs?

ES: Just what my professor back in Hong Kong told me: “Love what you’re doing and do it with passion, and everything else will follow.”


Through the eyes of interns …

16 Jan 2014


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We are so excited to share with you a video that our Fall 2013 product development intern group created! This talented bunch illustrated our history on a white board. That’s right, an illustrated time-lapse video drawn completely on a white board in the studio. The interns were tasked with researching Working Class Studio during a brand analysis project and needless to say, we were blown away during their presentation.

Click the link below to check it out for yourself! Special thanks to Ellen Bley, Betsy DelCiampo and Dana Bailey for creating the video, and another huge thanks for the entire product development team for such creativity!

Working Class Studio – Through the eyes of interns

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 4.52.22 PM

Spring 2014 Collections – An Inside Look!

07 Jan 2014


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Our Spring 2014 collections have been announced and the official SCAD blog, thread, has written a rave review! Check out their post (click the image below) to see the inside process of how a few of our interns came to their designs. To view all of our new Spring 2014 collections, click here.



Behind the Kelly Collection

15 Nov 2013


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With the holidays quickly approaching our kitchen accessories are getting a lot of attention!  Afterall, what better gifts for others (and for yourself) than the whimsical and witty wordplay of the Kelly Collection?  Chock-full of pop-culture puns, we had to know what inspired such a unique group of kitchen accessories, so we sat down with former intern and designer Kelly Stewart (M.A., illustration design, SCAD) to learn more.


Kelly Kitchen Collection STYLED LOW


WCS: Where are you from?

KS: I was born and raised in Gaithersburg, Maryland.  In middle school my family and I moved to Germantown, just 5 minutes away.

Kelly StewartLOW BW

WCS: Why did you choose to attend SCAD?

KS: Choosing to attend SCAD was a big decision for me.  After graduating college with a degree in painting and drawing, I knew I wanted a career in a creative field, but what I wasn’t sure of was how to get one.  After working a couple of retail jobs in stationery stores, I decided that I didn’t want to be selling other peoples designs, but that I wanted my designs on those shelves.  I knew I needed to make a change.  That’s when I started looking at SCAD.  I was so impressed with SCAD’s emphasis on helping students actually find jobs in their desired field, that it seemed like it was exactly what I needed.  Employer visits, a huge career fair, visiting artists, and opportunities like Working Class Studio and sponsored classes, were some other perks, to name a few.  When I visited the campus before I even got accepted, I saw a flyer for Working Class Studio and I knew then that I wanted to be an intern!  Once I got accepted into SCAD I had just a little over a month to move to Savannah.  It was a really exciting time, and the best decision I’ve ever made.


WCS: What do you enjoy most about Illustration?  (What is your favorite subject matter? what inspires your personal work?)

KS: What I enjoy about illustration is that it allows me to capture things that inspire me.  I like drawing objects from life and giving them personality that otherwise can’t be captured with a photograph.  I tend to draw things that are around me that make me happy or remind me of a specific time, whether it’s my dog, a new outfit, food, or something as simple as a new pencil.  I also enjoy illustrating lists, or collections of things, like my pet peeves, or the ingredients for a recipe.  Everyday items, fashion, and humor all influence my work.  I also look to artists and designers like Kate Bingaman-Burt, Julia Rothman, Katie Evans, and Claudia Pearson for inspiration.

Kelly Tea Towel GROUP low resWCS: What inspired you to create your designs for the collection?

KS: What inspired me to design the collection was the idea of taking traditional kitchen items, and giving them a personality by adding some unexpected humor.  I pulled popular lyrics from hip-hop songs, and quotes from movies, and related them to food.  I also scoured my kitchen looking for food or items that I could turn into a pun.  My goal was to attract the customer first with the cheerful illustrations, and then make them laugh when they looked a little closer and read the words.

Kelly Kitchen Collection Stationery STUDIO LOW

WCS:  What was your favorite aspect of the internship at Working Class Studio?

KS: My favorite aspect of Working Class Studio was the people I met and got to work with.  It was so great to work with students from different majors and receive feedback from people that otherwise I never would have met.  My co-interns and my supervising professor taught me so much, not only about design but also about myself.  It was also really neat to see the behind the scenes aspects of a design studio, from buyer, trend and competitor research, to marketing and selling the products.  I’d say that Working Class Studio was a turning point for me, and without it, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Kelly Kitchen Collection RECIPE CARD detail LOW



WCS:  What are your current/future plans?

KS: I recently moved to Atlanta where I am a designer at a greeting card company.  I’m learning the ins and outs of the stationery and giftwrap industry, and I’m no longer selling other peoples designs, but creating my own!  I plan on learning and growing as much as possible here.  Other goals of mine for the future are to continue growing my blog, and taking on more freelance work.  One day I’d love to run my own stationery and paper-goods company.

Kelly Kitchen Collection STUDIO LOW

WCS: Do you have any advice for future interns?

KS: My advice for future interns is to make the most of your time at Working Class Studio (and at SCAD).  The more effort and hard work you put into your internship and your school experience, the more you will get out of it.  I also encourage them to have fun and get to know the other interns.  You will learn so much from them, and make some great memories at the same time!

We’re seeking interns!

Join Working Class Studio as an intern for Winter 2014 quarter, the deadline has been extended to November 1st! And since time is closing in on our 10 year anniversary, we are taking interns for a special re-branding group as well as a group for our regular internship. See the posters below for details, or shoot an email our way!WorkingClassStudio-InternPoster-Winter2014_10Year


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